Empowerment Zone Calendar

The South Bend Empowerment Zone has many events going on throughout the year. Please check the Empowerment Zone and School calendars to be sure that you have all the information you need to stay connected to our school events! Please contact your school’s front office if you are unable to locate a specific event.

  • 1. Empowerment Zone Professional Development (Green)
    Contains required PDs for School Staff (Academics, Instruction, SEL, Behavior Supports, etc)
    Examples: Upcoming mandatory and suggested PD opportunities, etc.
    Submit items to mtorrez@sbez.org.Β 

    2. Empowerment Zone Community & Events (Blue)
    Empowerment Zone-wide events rather than school-specific events
    Examples: Parent Cafes, Jamborees, Countdown to Kindergarten, etc.
    Submit items to isolis@sbez.org.

    3. Registration and Enrollment (Orange)
    Anything and everything related to registration and assignment of students.
    Examples: Showcases, registration deadlines, projections release, etc.
    Submit items to rdaigenau@sbez.org.

    4. Assessments (Dark Red)
    Assessments and testing dates/periods and reporting periods due dates.Β 
    Examples: SIPPS, iReady, etc.
  • Submit items to mtorrez@sbez.orgΒ