2020-21 Learning Models

We don’t take the responsibility of ensuring the safety of our students and staff lightly. Given this we have planned for two distinct learning models that support physical safety and strong educational experiences for all Zone students.


From August 24 to September 24th, all Zone students will participate in a new and improved e-Learning experience. 

Hybrid Learning

When we return to in-person instruction, we will do so in a hybrid learning structure. The Hybrd Model combines eLearning with traditional school.  Children will attend 2-4 days per week or on alternating weeks and have an eLearning schedule reflective of the choices you make.  This option is a safer way to offer in-person school as we can reduce class sizes to support social distancing.   

In addition, we will be working closely with our families of children with high-needs Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and complex family situations to ensure that their needs are being met with eLearning and the hybrid option.